Mark had the pleasure of speaking at a Heene Blaikie, LLP seminar in 2011. Watch the video below, and download the PDF version of the presentation materials. Enjoy!

Seminar Summary

Many employers created or negotiated their pay equity plan in the early 1990s when the legislation was new, and have not treated it as a priority since. But the law requires that pay equity be maintained once it has been established. Vanishing male comparators, changes in gender predominance, and new job classes are but a few of the many changes that may have turned a compliant plan into what could be a significant financial liability. So… have you given your pay equity plan all the attention it deserves over the past few years? With increased enforcement activity, this question is more pressing than ever.

In this program, you will learn the latest information regarding pay equity enforcement, as well as how to maintain pay equity in a practical sense in an ever-changing business environment.

  • Common issues encountered in maintaining pay equity
  • Strategies to minimize past and future liability
  • Recent developments that may affect your organization

Video Of Seminar

Please click this link to watch the video.

Presentation from the Seminar

Please click this link to download the presentation in PDF form.