Job Evaluation

Customized Job Evaluation Systems

Job Evaluation Systems

There are several characteristics that are key for the development/modification of a job evaluation tool.

It must be capable of measuring all jobs in the organization equitably and consistently. This need is often referred to as “universality”.

It needs to support the organization’s or employee group’s job requirements.

It must address four required elements of skill, effort, responsibility, working conditions and be gender-neutral for pay equity purposes.

We believe there is a wide range of job evaluation tools and approaches available to choose from to meet an organization’s needs. Often the selection of the most appropriate tools and approaches will depend on the following:

  • Degree of consultation required
  • Who is involved in design of Job Evaluation Model and Tools?
  • Who will evaluate the Jobs?

HCI has several approaches to designing, developing, and implementing effective job evaluation systems for clients. Our solutions range from standard “off the shelf” (e.g. HCI Job Evaluation System) plans to completely customized (blank slate) approaches.

The HCI Job Evaluation System is a pre packaged plan that incorporates a selection of 12 factors addressing the elements of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions, including:

– Education
– Experience
– Problem Solving, Judgement & Complexity
– Decision Making
– Consequence of Action – Error
– Interpersonal Skills/Contacts
– Leadership
– Resource Responsibility
– Financial
– Information
– Material
– Mental Effort
– Physical Effort
– Disagreeable Conditions
– Hazardous Conditions

We work closely with our clients in developing/modifying job evaluation plan including factors, sub-factors, grade levels, rating notes and the job analysis questionnaires.

Evaluating Jobs

The process of job evaluation contains several phases of work to ensure knowledge is transferred to clients with respect to program application and maintenance. There are several evaluation or rating options available for consideration, each with its own merits in terms of efficiency, resource requirements, objectivity, etc. We work with clients to discuss in detail the merits of each of the following job evaluation rating methodologies in order to select the most appropriate option:

Internal Job Evaluation Committee
Job Evaluation Rating Team and Consultant
Outsourced Third Party (HCI) Evaluation

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Developing Objective and Gender Neutral Job Evaluation Tools for your Unique Needs

HCI Consultants will collaborate with you to develop job evaluation tools reflective of your organization, and ensure that your process complies with Pay Equity Legislation.
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