Has Your Organization Received a Letter from the Ontario Pay Equity Commission?

Find out what you should do next…

The Ontario Pay Equity Commission recently sent out thousands of letters to organizations all over Ontario with information about the Ontario Pay Equity Act.  The letter starts off by explaining how Ontario continues to struggle with a gender wage gap of 26%, which is often related to systemic gender discrimination in workplace compensation practices.

The Ontario Pay Equity Act was designed to redress systemic gender discrimination, and ensure that organizations are maintaining compensation practices that provide for pay equity.  The letter continues on to state that the Pay Equity Office will be monitoring new employers covered by the Pay Equity Act, and that these employers will be accountable to demonstrate how they have achieved and maintained pay equity in the workplace.

Is your organization prepared for a pay equity audit?

While the Pay Equity Office does provide a step by step Mini-Kit to assist organizations with their pay equity process, the resource often falls flat in covering the scope and complexity of a broad-based pay equity analysis.

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